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Welcome to the website of the Honourary Shirriffs, the mixed kinship with a little hobbit flavour!

Chief: Oridoc
Voluntary Assistant Chiefs: Ravanel, Donkster, Bogosi
Kinship House: 5 Harrow Road, Elmnook, The Shire

The Honourary Shirriffs were founded on August the 30th, 2008. We are a friendly kinship of hobbits and other folks (more other folks than hobbits actually). We're trying to have fun with eachother as we travel throughout Middle Earth. At this very moment we are looking for more players to welcome to our kinship. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to talk to a member of the Chief Team.

The Story
The lands of the Shire had known peace for a long time. No goblins were sighted since the year that Bullroarer Took knocked off the head of Golfimbul and invented the game of golf by knocking the head into a rabbit-hole. But things changed. Frodo Baggins, master of Bag End, left the Shire, just like his uncle Bilbo. Black Riders scared the hobbit folk, and the shirriff of Brockenborings got reports of goblin-like creatures spotted on the Greenfields. On the other side of the river Baranduin, the hobbits of Buckland experienced rude big fellows, and the Old Forest began to stir.
That was the time when a hobbit called Oridoc Appolbuck decided to assemble the Honourary Shirriffs, a group of powerful hobbits and friends that earned respect for their deeds throughout the Shire. Their mission: to save the Shire and Middle-Earth from the threat of Angmar, Moria, Dol Guldur and Isengard. Therefore they need to travel to lands beyond their imagination, but they can always recall the beautiful Shire with its tasty strawberries and fine pipeweed.

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